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October 2022
Improving Accuracy Through Checklists
Pilots use checklists to ensure a safe flight, and now more healthcare professionals are turning to checklists to make sure they don't forget the important stuff.
What's the magic of a checklist?
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 Federal Updates
CMS Publishes PDP, MA, and SNP Plans for 2023
Every year around this time CMS publishes the landscape files, listing Medicare Part D (and C) plans to be available to the Medicare population. The agency publishes three landscape files:
HHS Allows Pharmacists to Administer Monkeypox Vax
HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, invoking his authority under the PREP Act, issued an authorization for pharmacists to administer FDA-approved vaccines and treatments for monkeypox.

The action was applauded by the American Pharmacists Association, who cautioned that there needs to be a pathway for reimbursement.
CDC Updates COVID-19 Infection Guidance
The Center for Disease Control updated its guidance on September 23rd. The guidance applies to venues where individuals are receiving healthcare services, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health care.

CDC has become less strident because of the large percentages of American residents that have been previously infected or have been immunized.
CMS Announces Preferred Flu Shots
It's that time of year when older Americans' thoughts turn to...their annual flu shot!. Just in time, CMS has published the preferred quadrivalent formulations and reminds us that COVID-19 vaccines and flue vaccines can be given at the same time.

Pharmacies Fight for Right to Immunize
Pharmacies rose to the challenge to deliver testing and immunization services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The federal public health emergency (PHE) declaration was a key element in allowing pharmacists to bill directly for immunization services.

When the PHE finally expires, what will become the fate of these provisions?

Industry trade and professional groups are lobbying the Biden Administration and Congress to retain these helpful provisions.

AHRQ Wants Your Thoughts on Chronic Conditions
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has posted a request for information concerning Person-Centered Care Planning for Multiple Chronic Conditions. They need to hear from you by November 22nd. Sounds like lots of time, but start early to avoid having to pull the dreaded "all-nighter".

Resources & Flexibilities to Assist with Public Health Emergency in Florida
CMS announced additional resources and flexibilities in response to Hurricane Ian in Florida. On September 26, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra determined that a public health emergency exists in the State of Florida, retroactive to September 23. CMS is ready to help with resources and waivers to ensure hospitals and other facilities can continue to operate and provide access to care.

CDC: Effects of Second COVID-19 Booster in Nursing Home Residents
Curious about the benefit of receiving a second booster of COVID-19 vaccine if you're a nursing home resident? You have come to the right place!

The results of a trial, posted by the CDC, gives us some clues.
Everything Else
Will You Be in San Antonio?
It won't be long until the ASCP Annual Meeting convenes in San Antonio. I will be there to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I will also be looking for new topics to add to the newsletter, so if you have some ideas maybe we can catch up. Reach out with a text at 202-294-8029 and we can plan to meet.
Majority of Nursing Home Staffers Ready to Quit
Nearly 60 percent of nursing home staff are ready to move on, according to a recent survey. As you might suspect, pay and work=life balance were given as primary drivers of the desire to look elsewhere for a career.

The news isn't entirely bleak, as more workers were happy with the efforts of their employers to make the tough job of long-term care a bit less stressful.

NCPA LTC Pharmacy Leaders Talk Opportunity
The National Community Pharmacists Association's LTC Pharmacy leaders Ronna Hauser and Bri Morris discuss the work of NCPA in helping keep LTC Pharmacy pros up to date on the opportunities in LTC Pharmacy

RedSail Technologies Unveils Axys by Integra
RedSail Technologies announced the successful implementation of its new LTC Pharmacy management system, designated Axys, at  Guardian pharmacy of Indianapolis.

The implementation marks the kickoff of the new, fully cloud-based system.

The Marketing Block
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Choosing a Website Platform
It's surprising how many pharmacies don't have websites. If you want to have a fully functional digital media presence you will need a website. The next consideration is whether to buy (use a consultant) or build.